Military training cycle

From 15 August to 4 October, the military training cycle “Namejs 2020” of the National Armed Forces will take place throughout Latvia in order to test and improve the readiness of units to expand for the performance of national defense tasks both independently and within the collective defense system.

One of the training cycles from September 10 to September 13 will also take place in the territory of LSEZ “TERRABALT” LTD in previously agreed places. During the training, the National Guard will train to perform the tasks specified in the training scenario, during the performance of which training ammunition and combat imitation means may be used, which create noise but do not endanger human health and life. However, when unknown objects are found in the study places, it is forbidden to touch or move them.

We invite customers, cooperation partners, terminal visitors and guests not to worry when they see the movement of soldiers and land guards, deployment of equipment and taking positions in the territory of LSEZ “TERRABALT” SIA. Please treat with understanding the possible short-term difficulties that may arise due to the completion of training tasks or the movement of military equipment in the area.

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