Award for support in the joint training “Namejs”.

In January 2024, the National Armed Forces awarded the Liepāja SEZ “TERRABALT” SIA company, evaluating the support and contribution to the joint exercise “Namejs 2022”.

“Namejs” is the largest and most complicated military exercise in Latvia – both from the point of view of the variety and intensity of operations, and the resources involved. The military training cycle combines autumn field tactical exercises of armed forces units, exercises of the Naval Forces, Training Command exercises, Headquarters Battalion and Military Police exercises in a single scenario. Soldiers, national guardsmen and reserve soldiers of Latvia and the allied forces, as well as employees of the MoI and the personnel of the structures of the Ministry of the Interior – policemen and border guards – take part in them.

During the training, the readiness of the units to deploy to fulfill national defense tasks independently and within the framework of the collective defense system is tested and improved. The active phase of the military training cycle takes place not only at the Ādaži training ground and regional training grounds, but throughout Latvia. The tasks of the military training cycle are carried out on pre-agreed state and local governments, as well as legal and private land properties. In 2022, one of the training cycles also took place in the territory of Liepāja SEZ “TERRABALT” SIA.

We are grateful for the recognition we received, and we are also open to further cooperation! (In the photo from the right, LSEZ “Terrabalt” sia board member Āris Ozoliņš and Naval Minesweeper Squadron Headquarters and Supply Ship A-53 VIRSAITIS Ship Commander Mareks Kibeļskis)